I’ve written a wide range of material and the following six short stories, all unpublished, give a flavour of the diversity of my writing:

These are:

  • ebgdea – this appeared in the Bouchercon anthology for 2016 and gave birth to Detective Sarah Tracy.
  • Long Before I Fell – written to celebrate the launch of Falling in the USA – this is a prequel.
  • I Scream, ‘Ice Cream.’ – the runner up in the UNICEF Short Story Competition 2009. The story had to be 1700 words long and contain the line ’emerges out of the darkness’.
  • The Road – an oldie but more of a crime story than it first appears.
  • Crime Pays – probably my first attempt at crime.
  • The Tall and the Short of It – a runner up story from Writing Magazine where the title was a given and you had 1700 words odd to bring it to life (not a crime story though).
  • There and Back Again – was written for a competition (that I failed miserably to win.) The story had to be about ‘Once Bitten, Twice Shy.’
  • The Very Last Train – was an entry into a competition where the story had to be about, surprise, surprise –  ‘The Last Train.’